Who Are WE?

Our Mission

To help our clients enjoy the most unforgettable travel experiences in Asia while generating a positive social and economic impact in the destinations where we operate and minimising the environmental footprint of tourism. 

Our Values

  • Quality and integrity

    We only offer activities, hotels and destinations that we genuinely enjoy and recommend, avoiding tourist traps and always focusing on customer experience.

  • Social responsibility

    We work with locally-owned providers in order to create the highest economic impact on the local population in each destination.

  • Sustainability

    We want to minimise the environmental footprint of tourism, so we always prioritise those providers that are committed to sustainable travel.

  • Intercultural respect

    We strongly believe in responsible tourism as a means to promote peace, tolerance and cooperation between peoples. Thus, all our itineraries are crafted with utmost respect towards our hosts and their cultures.

HELLO! I'm Sergi

From an early age, I have always felt a great fascination for Asia and its cultures. As a result, throughout my life, I have devoted myself to studying and mastering several Asian languages, understanding the intricacies of Asia’s cultural diversity and, of course, exploring its amazing travel destinations.

For over 12 years, I have had the privilege to live, work and travel across several North Asian and South-East Asian countries. And, after a long period working in the travel industry, visiting the best (and also the worst) places and making the right contacts, I have decided to use my passion, my experience and my knowledge to help you design the best itinerary and have the best travel experience in my most loved destinations.

Founder of Asia for Real

Our commitment

Top Experiences

We curate the most authentic and memorable experiences, avoiding tourist traps and focusing on the best of each destination.

Positive Impact

We work with the best local providers to ensure the maximum economic benefit for the communities that welcome us.


We partner with providers that focus on minimizing the environmental footprint of travelling.


We ensure the highest standards of safety at the destination so that you can focus on enjoying the experience without any worries.